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Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

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    At Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School it is believed their special healing bowls and the knowledge shared by its founder, Suren Shrestha are a form of medicine that, together, can be used to heal body, mind, and soul.

    In my experience I have seen how the vibrations from the Tibetan Bowls will communicate with your own vibrations on all frequencies. They can amplify your healthy frequencies and transmute / transform your unhealthy ones. My Intention will always be that you receive what you want, what you need, and what Spirit knows is best for your highest good on all frequencies.


    I am using the following Atma Buti protocols: Two Bowl Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Warm Water Bowl Therapy, Emotional Release, Serenity, Deep Relaxation, Chakra Clearing & Balancing (to which I add a customized Heart Attunement). All sessions include the Healing Prayer protocol. Depending upon the protocols being used, the bowls will be around and/or on your body. Spirit will guide us for any customizations needed.

NOTE:   Sound Healing  sessions are all individual, and in person 

90 minute Sound Healing: You will be on my specially created table from Atma Buti that is designed to transmit the bowl's vibrations to your body in addition to the vibrations of the sound. Depending upon the protocols being used, the bowls will be around and/or upon your body. There will be a little bit of talking before you get onto the table and then more afterwards as needed. ($150)

2 hour Sound Healing: Includes as stated above. Plus this added amount of time allows us to do the longer protocols or a mix of protocols so you can go deeper. OR, if desired, some of this time can allow for a brief Soul "check-in" (reading/healing). ($190)

3 hour “Tibetan Bowl & Soul – Take It To The Core!” Sound Healing: A customized session where I have integrated the Bowl protocols with my Intuitive Spiritual Guidance - Soul Reading / Healing. ($250)


 (Atma Buti® is a registered trademark of Serenity Tibet, Inc. and is used by permission).

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