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Guided Tibetan Bowl Sound Journey

bowl sound journey pic.jpg

    This is a guided Sound Journey founded upon the vibration of Divine Love and Light – Conscious Love. It is a mix of recorded words / music and live Tibetan Bowls. The initial recordings will support you in turning your attention inward.  Then the live Tibetan Bowl sounds and vibrations will support you as you travel deeper into your own inner journey. Go as deep as you wish. It is your journey. It’s all good. Then, once again, the recorded music will guide you back to awareness and integration. You will have supplies to journal your experience if you wish, and also, time to share your experience if you wish.


90 minute Private Individual Sound Journey:  You will have the bowls around and possibly upon your body. This session will also include a check-in with your Soul if you wish. ($150)


90 minute Private Group Sound Journeys:  This session is for 2 – 6 people who want to have this experience together. Group sessions have their own added special power of the “2 or more gathered together” energy. ($75 per person, max 6 people)


90 minute Community/Public Group Sound Journeys (1-6 people max): My Intention with these sessions is to be a support to all of those who are giving to others in hope they will allow themselves to receive a flow of Love for themselves. These sessions are scheduled at various times and are also open to the public. ($30)

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