TIBETAN BOWL & SOUL- Take It to The Core!

  In Sanskrit, Atma  = Soul; and, Buti = medicine. 

       At Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School it is believed their special healing bowls and the knowledge shared by its founder, Suren Shrestha are a form of medicine that, together, can be used to heal body, mind, and soul. I believe this too. I have completed Levels 1 – 3 (48 hours of class); plus the 171 practice hours; and passed the competencies required to be a Certified Atma Buti Sound Healing Practioner. (Atma Buti® is a registered trademark of Serenity Tibet, Inc. and is used by permission).

   In my customized, “Tibetan Bowl & Soul – Take It To The Core!” sessions, I have integrated the Bowl protocols with my Soul healing / Intuitive Counseling. I am using the following Atma Buti protocols: Two Bowl Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Warm Water Bowl Therapy, Emotional Release, Serenity, Deep Relaxation, Chakra Clearing & Balancing (to which I add a customized Heart Attunement). All sessions include the Healing Prayer protocol. Spirit will guide us for any customizations needed. Depending upon your desire and the session you choose, the Soul aspect of the session will range from a quick Soul check-in to a Soul reading / healing, to a Spiritual Guidance. In my practice I have found that the work done during the Soul time is continued during the Bowl time.

    Protocols have varied amounts of time needed so we will customize session times to your needs. Every session will include time to talk beforehand and time to ground and talk afterward so please keep that in mind when you choose how long of a session you desire. You can choose from a menu that includes a 60-, 90-, or 120- minute Bowl Healing only; or, a 90-, 120-, and180- minute Bowl & Soul combo session. (Soul part as described in the previous paragraph.)

     My Bowls and I look forward to working with you!


  • Linda’s gift as a natural healer made my therapeutic session move more deeper into activating my own healing psyche and of course breaking off my held physical blockages and revitalize my natural vital vibrations. I would also say that my body felt so safely & naturally connected to the bowl's frequencies that I was able to surrender into the sessions. It was rare for me as someone with chronic pain to lay a long time and felt at ease & comforting. -  Tammy

  • "Yesterday, I drove up to Sedona and sat in session with the amazing Linda Ingalls while she spoke to my soul and danced with the medicine of the Tibetan bowls."  ...                                                                         I genuinely feel overwhelmingly happy today I think my brow lines are gone 😠And seriously things are lining up while I just sit here and BE.  SO appreciate you Linda  I’ll surely continue to support you as the work is profound and fast as FUCK ! - Kim B.

  •  Linda has a depth of experience to draw on.  She is integrous and treated me with humor, wisdom and honesty.  I wanted to remain in a pool of ineffective thinking and confused emotion and she had the clarity to cut through all of it.  The bowls and sounds carry their own alchemical power and she delivers it with humility and strength. - S

  • My experience with Linda’s Tibetan bowls and her soul readings has been truly transformative for me in this life. Over the course of 5 months, seeing her on average about once a week and sometimes once every two weeks, I was able to do the deep work that I’ve been called to do on myself, and honestly, it’s hard to put into words how deeply profound Linda’s sessions were for me. Here are a couple of memories that stand out, the first one specifically referring to my last Tibetan bowl session I had with Linda, and the second specifically having to do with a soul reading I had with her: I remember lying on the table, face up to start, as Linda began the clearing and balancing portion of her bowls session with me, and what felt like endless time & space (but was probably only a few minutes!), discovered myself jump back into my physical body from my ethereal/energetic body with such a jolt, that I almost jumped off the table! It was amazing to witness myself drift so effortlessly into that endless time & space continuum, where my Spirit simply was elsewhere, doing the work it needed to do in that moment. I also remember, towards the end of that session, feeling more relaxed & at peace within myself, than I had ever felt, even compared to getting the best massage I’ve ever had! It was almost like an energetic healing massage, from the inside out, and feeling fully rested & restored when it was time to get up off the table. I had never before experienced sound healing have such a potent & significant effect on my overall well-being! This next account of my experience during one of Linda’s soul readings, before our actual bowl healing session, is much more esoteric in essence, as it has to do with a dream I had, prior to coming into this session with Linda: To not go into too great of detail, regarding the dream itself, as it was rather disturbing, I remember waking up from the dream feeling like there was something for me to explore more deeply there. When I mentioned the dream to Linda in our soul reading portion of our bowls session, she walked me through a guided visualization practice, which was so powerful for me to discover the hidden layers of what this dream was actually revealing to me. I had never gone as deep as I did in that soul reading with Linda, to discover something as profound & significant to me as what was revealed in that session through my dream and my own personal unconscious. I reclaimed a part of myself that I didn’t know needed to be reclaimed, after walking away from that session, and for that, I am eternally grateful for these experiences with Linda. Each session was building a foundation for me to stand on, and I know that, as I continue this work with Linda, I will be consistently evolving, as I move throughout this life. - Kirti

  • It has been such a powerful and deeply healing experience being on your table and receiving your epic wisdom.  You have such multi-dimensional gifts that really come together in these sessions for deep healing, realization and transformation.   I am so honored to receive from your alchemy lab of wisdom and gifts! Your dedication to your path, growth and becoming a divine channel and instrument for divine love and light to flow through you has broken my heart more open than ever! I am truly blessed by your presence and this sacred offering I will be recommending to anyone ready for the real deal...and of course I'll be back. I feel that there are incredible benefits to the multiple sessions over time and also experienced massive expansion and healing from even one session. Your light is a blessing to anyone graced to cross paths with you. Love you Linda!!! - Yolanda

  • Linda, your gift of vision and communication is deeply appreciated and the places in which you walk to bring the information to those who need the perspective is formidable. I am honored to be in etheric weave presence with you at this time and to deserve such a rich experience in meeting you and experiencing a session with you.  During our session much was revealed within me; and, areas that needed attention and clarity, received the appropriate light insight which was familiar and benevolent in a soothing way. Things made sense; matters got just the amount of attention they needed to be released from my field. I experienced realizations that brought me to tears and things moved through very quickly, yet thoroughly. It feels we covered a lot of soul evolutive ground. This is the most benefit and insight in one single session - from Human to Oneness degrees - I have received to date.  Thanks again for sharing your gift with me and I don’t understand how it must be conflicting to put a price on what seems to be liberating people. Bless you in knowing the best way to do this, and the path for supporting you with what you need. Bless you! - Aline.

  • I just want to thank you again for sharing your love and gifts with me. You are such a powerful and connected and embodied healer. I just sent a bunch of people your way.  I will continue to recommend you and grateful to know you! - Zenka

  •  Dearest Linda, I feel honored to have participated in your work…so deep, so real, so personal, and life changing! You helped me through some difficult times and I am ever so grateful. I loved the way you checked in at the beginning of each session, your “channeling”, the wisdom you carry, the insights that come through, and especially your loving heart!  Oh so very powerful and beautiful. Your relationship with the bowls is immeasurable!  The experience with the bowls and your loving energy field is transformative! You are such a special person in my life, and I am truly grateful to be on this journey with you! With love and gratitude. - Rhonda.

  •  I experienced many volunteer Bowl and Soul sessions with Linda and each one was totally amazing, deeply relaxing and so transformative! The soul check in portion was always so revealing and helpful...many things clarified and alot of stress and old information and patterns left my system.  The bowls sent me into a deeply meditative state where time and place don't exist, and I felt such amazing frequencies flooding my whole being...words can not describe. SO many visions, colors, sensations and increased flow in my entire being.  I feel that deep healing occurred in each one and my whole system was reset to a place of greater wholeness and connection. I am so grateful for these precious experiences and for Linda's amazing gifts!!! - Kristen

  • I have worked with Linda in different modalities and didn’t know what to expect. I was curious to see how she would incorporate the Tibetan bowls into the source of who she is. I knew that just by showing up, I would be in a different place in my heart and mind when I left.  During the Soul part of the session I saw how I had been unconsciously choosing to live in a way that   no longer served me… living a theme that caused me great anxiety, loneliness and heartache.  I was able to put into words what I was feeling with the help of Linda. She so divinely connected with my higher power, easily communicating in a straightforward manner; not allowing my usual pattern of side stepping. She kept re-directing me back to the source of what I needed to be aware of. After the Soul part, I laid on the table with her bowls.  I “know” I was present the whole time and it seemed to last 20 min. But, more than an hour had passed. At the end of the session she, shared, singing a beautiful song that transported me to the most blissful peaceful place. I truly was a at peace and felt joy in my heart. I knew that how I’d been living in my relationships was not  true to myself, that I was “settling”.  My heart was pulling me to be true, to honor myself.  It has been about 2 months since my Tibetan bowl session with Linda. I am still in my romantic relationship but feel like I am also in a better relationship with myself.  I have been able to recognize, more easily, when I am feeling anxious, lonely, and unloved. I then work with this and realize that a lot of my feelings are being made up in my mind. I am looking forward to the next session with Linda.  She is truly gifted.  The session was seamless and flawless. At one point I felt completely honored and adored as she unconditionally provided the source for the magic of the tones to bathe and unfold my being. - Julie

  • I am feeling a difference today, there seems to be a quieter, peaceful internal state that was previously a low level stress? anxiety? - R

  • First I want to thank you deeply for your love, presence, and Joy with which you conducted this session for me. Linda is delightful in every way.  She has an ease and grace and light hearted manner in which she conducts her sessions. From the beginning of my session, I was put to ease. She described her protocol and I told her about my physical issues and general state of being.  She went directly to my soul and asked what was to be addressed in a simple manner. I was surprised at how quickly she was told what the main issue was.  What my soul made known came as a surprise to me but it made sense. She asked for Permission to carry out the work to which I acquiesced. After working on my soul level, we went to her bowls. I laid on a very comfortable table surrounded by Tibetan bowls of different sizes and notes. She made sure that I was well attended to. From the moment she gently touched my temples, I was immediately transported out of my body and entered an altered bliss state.  I saw many beautiful colors and flashing scenes of different kinds. Many things were shown to me which I barely remembered as my consciousness returned to my body. What I can say is that this was a most profound magical experience to say the least.  The days following this session unfolded with many synchronicities and continue to. I highly recommend Linda for a very unique healing and experience.- Divine

  • My session was very relaxing. I felt confident that my body and mind responded to the bowl vibrations in a positive way. - Sue

  • Today's session was amazing!  Linda is constantly upgrading, up leveling and evolving her work with the bowls. I feel very blessed to receive such a wonderful gift of love and vibrational attunement. Thank you Linda for pushing the energetic envelope out beyond the beyond. Love it. Love you🙏👏💕🌈🎉 - Rene

  • These are amazing sessions, Linda!!! - Valerie

  • Absolutely sublime sessions.  - Adele