(This is not a "Psychic" nor "Medium" reading.)

    This is an up to a 90 min, in person or zoom, customized session guided by your Spirit. It will include a soul reading & healing.  

    We will start with a prayer. Then, I will talk with the immediate non-physical part of your Soul that you are the physical manifestation of. I liken this part of your Soul to a great "method" actor. [Method Actors compartmentalize their self identity and "step into the shoes" of their character's identity. Some method actors "step all in", 24/7 for the duration of the movie shoot. Others "step in" while they are on set and then "step out" when the director says, "cut"].  I will see what issues this part of your Soul is dealing with and, then, we will go deeper  as guided by your Spirit.  There will be Soul healing. There will probably be talking, guided visualization, and also Neo-Shamanic Journeying. These may include using empowerment tools that I teach in my separate Self Empowerment Tools session. If you want to learn these tools, I recommend you do  that session first.

    While Spirit will be guiding the session, you can choose a focus for the session. Different types of sessions available include, but not limited to: Emotional Clearing; Grieving; Breaking 0ld Belief Patterns; Inner Child Healing; Inner Wound Healing; Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go; Building Self Esteem / Loving Self; Clarity to face the Crossroads; Cord Cutting; Meet Your Spirit Guides & Inner Wisdom; Soul Recovery; Past Life integration; Akashic Record Reading & Integration, etc.          






   Do you want to be empowered and free?  Forgiveness, Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love are the vibrations  that will get you there.   I am not talking about condoning the story, I am talking about raising your own vibrations. 

    If you do want to be free, empowered and living the vibration you want, then learning some   empowering tools will be helpful. It is all about how to manage your own energy, including your   empathy. How to use your triggers to empower yourself and quit being a victim to your own   vibrations. It is also about which Point of View, Perspective, and Foundational Vibration you are  creating your life story from. There is more. We will customize what you need.



PRE-REQUISITE REQUIRED - you must have had both the Self Empowerment Tools and theIntuitive Spiritual Healing / Guidance Reading sessions.

 Coaching is different from counseling. It is more about goals, action, homework, accountability and outcomes.

 This is a package of 4 - 60 minute sessions where we will apply the tools and insights you have acquired from the pre-requisite sessions, to living your best life. (ZOOM ONLY)


  • Thank you so much for looking into my Spirit and guiding me on how to overcome my obstacles in life. - Gloria
  • Thank you so much for helping me work through my grief. You are amazing! - Laura

  • Linda, Thank you for bringing my scared little girl out of the closet! I cherished my time and experience with you and my soul will never forget what my next steps will be to become the person / story that's meant to be, - Sherydan

    • Hi Linda!  Just wanted to reach out and share that learning how to manage my empathy the way you taught me has been a game changer.  It's unbelievable how I would take everyone's bullshit on.  Now when I have certain friends or family call and unload, I know it is not mine and is their lessons to learn.  I remain detached for them to learn their lessons and its liberating!  And, it's confusing the shit out of them too, haha, bc I am responding differently.  This frees me up to see all that's meant for me!  Lots of changes going on while these things work themselves out but I just want to say thank you, thinking of you, appreciating you and hope you are well on this awesome journey with the many blessings you deserve. - KG

    •  Dear Linda, You were right - I was skeptical. Thank you for guiding me and helping my right brain explore a new perspective of spiritualty. Your session has really helped me understand more about myself and my situation and I plan to continue to explore the spiritual world you introduced to me. - Jill

    • Linda, it was a pleasure meeting you. My grief session with you was absolutely amazing. You are a very special person, I will never forget you! - jack ;  Linda, I already miss you. You gave Jack and I so much love back in our hearts. You are amazing, Jack and I will never forget you. - Shari  

    • Linda, Thank you so much for the incredible session together. It was so healing, uplifting, insightful, and above all, fun! I gained so much from our time together. I feel freer and I feel I'm even standing up taller due to no longer carrying the burdens anymore! - Andi

    • Linda, I don't even have words to describe my experience with you, You've touch me in profound ways. thank you isn't enough! - Chris 

    • I feel blessed by our time together. I am eternally grateful to you for sharing your gifts and re-opening my soul so that I may heal and become. You will always have my deepest thanks! All my love. - Sherry

    •   Linda brings healing down to the Playing Field, providing one with practical skills to work through core issues with heart opening love.  I highly recommend a session or two with her.  Dr. Julie

    • Linda, OH MY GOSH! First of all, thank you for saying "Fuck"! Then thank you for making me laugh for the first time in...forever. Thanks for being gentle but challenging. Thanks for bringing my Grandpa Eddie into the gazebo He hasn't left me since. I forgot I missed him. I forgot what it felt like to be loved just by being.  Thanks for being a badass. You inspire me to be the best me. Thanks most for the tremendous, life-giving hugs. You make a difference! - Michelle

    • I highly recommend Linda Ingalls for deeply profound inner work. In a recent session I was guided to reweave my response to a childhood trauma, integrating the emotional imprint for myself, my family and my ancestors. Linda opened a magical portal to a new way of being in the present moment by empowering my inner child to speak her truth, overcoming fear and doubt in honor of the Self. It is an honor to recommend Linda. Her work is a gift - organic, pure, and a powerful tool for transformation.        ~ Callie 

    • Thank you for being such a fantastic guide. Our sessions allowed me to heal on a profound level and I will carry the tools you gave me through the rest f my life's journey. Thank you for being authentically you so  I can become authentically me. - Becky

    • Thank you for giving me such helpful knowledge and tools that will help me going forward and creating a better future. - Courtney

    • Thank you so much for the advice and tools. Truly amazing and you are an incredible soul. - Blaine

    • Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are so grateful for the tools and the light that brings to our hearts. - K & M

    • Dear Linda, Thankyou for giving me the tools I need to remember my wholeness, - K

    • I am so grateful the universe brought me to you. I so enjoyed our time together and took so much away from it that keeps returning to me. Than you for the gifts you've given me, I will them to good use! -Karen

    • Thank you so much for your knowledge and healing power. I am so grateful for you providing me with tools to help me survive  my life. -Heidi