Where do YOU draw the line? An insider's guide to effective Living Wills, Healing and Critical Care


 A little secret to having a better life is to look at the end of it. It is my experience that when you can embrace your physical transition, you discover what your true priorities are and can embrace living more joyfully. It has been my passion to inform and empower people to make choices based upon Love not fear so that even in their most vulnerable times they can still have what they want.  So get aware, get informed, get empowered, take care of business, put it away, and get on with living!

     This is the "nuts, bolts, and Love" information you need to understand  how to make choices YOU want based upon Love not fear, how to effectively communicate your wishes, create effective customized paperwork, ask doctors relevant questions, understand resuscitation, code status, life support, palliative care vs comfort care, and how to withdraw life support to promote a peaceful passing. Included are suggestion for coping and bringing a healing energy to your loved one. Also, in easy layman terms, there is a basic introduction to Critical Care: machines, equipment, and some common illnesses.

     In my job as a critical care nurse, I cannot tell you how many of my patients and their families have paperwork that is most often  generic, vague and unhelpful. Reading this book will eliminate that.

 I may be crazy, but it's all good



     My patients have taught me this. 

     It began with an imaginary conversation with a patient that turned out to be real! This memoir of my story and my patient's stories is intended to inform, empower, and entertain you. It can reframe your perceptions about life and physical death allowing you to have a more joyful life by making choices based upon Love not fear.

     Included are tools I learned for the recognition and management of energy, internally and externally, and  how to use them for increased Self awareness, self care, effective/therapeutic conversations, relationships, healing, and moving through burnout.