• Nobody likes Triggers.  I LOVE them!  Triggers push your buttons.  Your buttons are  vibrational "Kick Me" signs, beacons that send out energy saying, "Yes, please, push my button."  They are also an opportunity to clear your energy so that you can have and flow more Love, Light, and Joy. Therefore when you attract that Trigger which will provide you the service of pushing your button, say "Thank you! I will not squander this opportunity to become more Love by reacting to you. Instead, I will look inward at my big ole freaking button, clear, and uplift my vibrations!"
  • I love this quote:  "Let your heart travel lightly because what you bring with you becomes part of the landscape." - the Ephemera book series by Anne Bishop
  • Having such amazing epiphanies lately. This one is a bit of a story...After I was here in Sedona for a bit, I started offering some services and of course I had two books that could be sold, but I had such a hard time marketing myself and charging money for things I felt were given to me from Love and I should give them away too. So I did. After a while I needed a job! So Love got me one and it was in a place that I love being in, but, it was a marketing job! Believe me I saw the irony in that right away! Eventually I surrendered this job to Love and found great satisfaction in it. Then there started to be ethical challenges for me, but, people would continue to validate the work I was doing, with so much gratitude , that I felt I was supposed to continue. When the day came that I knew I had to stop, I found I was tingling with Love and Joy and I was confused. I said to Love, " But you kept sending me people to tell me how much they valued what I was doing with them, I thought you wanted me to stay?" And Love said, "And, now, how much do you value the work we do together?" I said, "It is priceless!" And Love said "Yes! Now you know that it is not about what services YOU offer, it is about the Love you are allowing to flow in and through yourself and our work together that is offering opportunities for people to learn, to transform, and have more Love and Joy within themselves and their Life." I said, " WOW!"  So, some things I learned from this job, is sustainability. That the exchange of money allows me to offer our services, and, also, that the receiver is consciously setting an Intention and creating space to receive. And, both parties are expressing appreciation and value of what Love is offering.  This just fricking changes my whole perspective. I am not offering services so much as OPPORTUNITIES are being offered through me. I love that! And now I can say YES!  Thanks for taking the time time to let me share this with you.
  • My Divine Love Heart is my best dance partner, I follow it's lead. It is my best creator, my best script writer, my best director, my best actor and my best character. When I remember I am ALL of the above and can experience myself from all of those points of view, then I am Living Love (read as noun and verb) to my full potential and Life is fun. The triggers are gifts for self awareness and clearing, allowing me to have more love and joy. The unknown is an exciting playground of possibility, of creation, expansion and self discovery. The "mistakes" are spring boards for learning and refining myself. My perceptions of myself and relationships to anything and everything are mirrors reflecting back to me the frequencies I am vibrating at, giving me an opportunity to see what i enjoy and don't enjoy about myself thus enabling me to choose a different vibration in which to be myself. OMG, how empowering is that! I am so grateful and happy to be me and to know all of you! Thank you. 💜