I first shared this experience on the Sacred Story Circle website.  This was a cool experience on multiple levels for me.  One, that I teach in my classes, is that it is a beautiful demonstration of how changing your perception > changes your vibrations > changes your relationships.  This EMPOWERS YOU!

The Land, The Sand, and The Labyrinth

I live in Sedona where I teach classes about Energy and Self-Care. For one of these classes, I use the Labyrinth at the Wellness Retreat where I work. I have always loved the red dirt and rock of Sedona that the Labyrinth was created upon.
 One day the Manager Doctor told me they were going to put sand into the Labyrinth so that people could walk it barefoot and was that ok with me.
I thought, “It is not my Labyrinth, it doesn’t matter what I think.”
 While I was on vacation the change happened. When I saw the Labyrinth filled with white sand, I really missed the red dirt. It felt odd to have the sand there, but I had to let it go. However, I was aware that every time I walked past the Labyrinth, for some reason, my eyes were drawn to it. I didn’t dwell on it though.
 A few weeks later, the Manager Doctor asked if I thought the sand could be toxic because one our other Naturopaths had walked it barefoot and felt it was. He asked if I thought they should have it tested. I was flabbergasted that he asked me and replied, “How in the heck would I know? Do what you think is best.”
 A couple of days later while I was meditating, Spirit said to me, “You need to perform a ceremony on the Labyrinth and bring the Sand into alignment with the Land.”
I replied, “What the heck are you talking about, I wouldn’t even know what to do!”
“Yes you do.”
“I do?”
 So, I went to work and told the Manager Doc, “Spirit told me I have to do a ceremony to bring the Sand into alignment with the Land.”
He said, “Ok.” I just love working with Naturopaths!
 So, I dithered a couple of days then woke up one morning and knew this was the day. Spirit told me to bring a baggie with me. I went to the Labyrinth but saw there was only red chipped rock around.
I said, “I don’t know where any red dirt is.”
Suddenly, my feet turned and I started walking off to the right. I felt altered and disoriented as to where I was, but, decided to just trust and kept going. Suddenly, my feet stopped. I looked down and there was a bunch of fine, powdery red dirt.
“Oh wow! Good job, Spirit!” I squatted, put some dirt into the baggie and stood up.
Spirit said, “Get some more.” So, I did, then walked back to the Labyrinth and stood just at the opening, holding the baggie.
I said, “Hi Sand, I need to do a ceremony and bring you into alignment with the Land.”
A voice boomed out from the center, startling me, “Are you saying something is wrong with me?”
WTF! “Uh no, you are wonderful. I am saying you are not in alignment with the Land.”
“So you think something is wrong with me!”, it accused.
“Not at all. Let me tell you a little about where we are. The Land in Sedona holds a high energy vibration that can uplift people’s vibrations helping them to heal and come to a higher consciousness. And, in addition to that, this is a Labyrinth whose purpose is to bring people’s attention within themselves and, hopefully, help them to connect with their Higher Frequencies, and…”
“Ahhh, can I be a part of that? Can I do that too?” That once booming, defensive voice was now so soft and beseeching.
“Yes, yes you can! May I pick up a handful of you and put you into this baggie with the dirt?”
So, I picked up a handful and just laid it on top of the dirt without mixing it, just letting them introduce themselves. Then, I mixed it all together and said,
“Now I am going to walk the Labyrinth and spread this mixture of you and the Land along the path.”
I entered the Labyrinth, and while slowly spreading the mix of Land and Sand, I talked about the loving, high energy of Sedona and how it acted like an ultrasonic diamond cleaner, facilitating the increasing of people’s vibrations, promoting the frequencies of Love and Well-being. I talked about how the Labyrinth could be used in various ways to bring a person’s attention to within and, among other things, increase consciousness, resolve issues, and experience a connection with their Higher Power/ Higher Vibrations within. I talked about how the collaboration of the Land in Sedona along with the Labyrinth provided such a powerful opportunity to uplift people, to increase awareness and experience the Love within themselves and the connection to Love in everything. I kept talking the whole time, words pouring out of my mouth from a Source larger than me. I could hear the Sand sighing; I could feel its Love, its immense gratitude to have this opportunity to reframe and re-purpose itself. My tears flowed as my heart was overwhelmed with the Joy and Love from the Sand. Over and over, I expressed my gratitude for being able to experience the evolution and synergy that was happening.
 When I stepped into the center, I released the last handful of the mix. Suddenly, I could see this reddish energy rising, like heat shimmering off of a hot road, as the energy of the Land rose up into and through the sand. I could feel a soft caress and sound of a sigh as they merged into one. Then a powerful beam of light came down from the sky, into me and down into the ground. It was so strong I had to widen my stance so that I didn’t fall over. After a bit, it lessened and when I opened my eyes I found I was facing the East, so, I said Hello to the East and let the energy flow into me and down into the ground.
Then Spirit said, “Now turn to the South.”
I protested. “Hey this is not the Medicine Wheel, this is the Labyrinth! It is different. “
“Just do it, Linda.”
So, I did. One by one, I turned to the 4 directions and allowed the energy to flow in and through me to the ground. Then when I looked up to receive from the Sky, I saw Celestial and Galactic Beings sending Loving energy down. When I looked down to receive from the Earth, I saw the Love from Mother Earth and Nature Spirits of all sorts sending their blessings.
I heard Spirit say, “This is Sedona, Linda, and this is a Labyrinth in Sedona, we welcome people from all directions, from all beliefs, from all walks of life… knowing that ALL PATHS ARE LOVE.”
I started crying, again, feeling the power of LOVE in that statement of Intention and Purpose.
I knew the ceremony was done. As I walked out, I asked,  “Why me?”
Spirit said, “Because you heard, you listened, and you acted.”
 A week later, the Doctor who’d had said the sand was toxic, walked the Labyrinth, barefoot, again. This time she had a loving personal experience and was happy.
My heart fills with Love as I tell this story. Thanks for letting me share it with you.