TESTIMONIALS  (see testimonials for Emotion Code below)

   You Tube video testimonial by Daniel of Sedona  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OBaDnR5zqc
    So Beautiful is this testimonial from Daniel Posney! Anyone who knows Daniel knows he is all about the Love, Integrity and Presence... Linda Ingalls graciously extends these in her sessions and in her personal life. Linda inspires and empowers you to BE the authentic YOU. Thank you Daniel for this beautiful testimonial and Thank you Linda for offering your beautiful gifts.  Tina C.        
    Dear Linda,  you are Love and Joy!  This is what you bring to everyone you deal with.  As you know, I love what you are doing and in my way of speaking…you are bringing people back to the realization of who they truly are.  A magnificent spiritual divine being when they are ready to accept it and also to understand it.  This will bring a greater “Love” to the planet in healing all life on it, in it and around it.  It doesn’t get any more magnificent than that…I want you to know that.  So keep on doing what you are doing. I will mention two things my husband conveyed to me after he passed over to the other side which you may share with others in your works.  This is a direct quote…(1) We are so much more than we think we are.  (2)  Look at the beauty in all things. - Judy G
    Linda is a glowing fire of comfort that can guide you to a place of awareness and peace. A session with Linda is enlightening! Thank you for teaching me how to heal, the information is and always will be a treasure. You have healing hands which are soothing. The energy that comes from your hands can get the job done. I appreciate you. Carla T.
    I have attended Linda Ingalls' Retreat- Energy-Self Care, I found it to be a fundamental building block in our daily life and utilizing the principles of energy-self care...exactly as the workshop name implies! Linda's teaching style is intuitive, fun AND focused on meeting you where you are at (Linda misses nothing!). Her retreat classes provide thought provoking questions along with REAL and simple techniques for energy management, being grounded and having clarity in your life. The labyrinth was an amazing experience, vastly different from any I've encountered prior. This retreat was held in a very intimate, small group environment which allowed for deeper insights as each person shared from their own life experience. I immensely enjoyed the group dynamic and Linda's skillful and loving navigation through each topic for maximum impact. A must retreat! Highly recommended! - Tina C.
    Dear Linda, I want to thank you for all of your support, wisdom and good vibes!!! You are an amazing wise woman. You are always helping people - humanity, and making this beautiful planet we live on a better place. You embody the energy of Mother Earth and that is no small calling and you do it so well --- with heart, love and a sunshiny smile on your face.  Thank you, for our time together has lifted me up on my spiritual/human journey. Just know you will help many people know themselves deeper and touch their own souls and find healing on all levels!!!! Love, Kelley
    Linda brings healing down to the Playing Field, providing one with practical skills to work through core issues with heart opening love.  I highly recommend a session or two with her.  Dr. Julie


    I've done a lot of inner work over the past twenty years, but, there were still emotions stuck inside that I wasn't aware of. My private sessions with Linda helped me to recognize them and remove them. I believe these stuck emotions were partly to blame for my three year illness. After our sessions together, I feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted off of me and I'm on the road to recovery.   Linda's huge capacity for love is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you! Maria B.
   Linda worked on our dog River a few times to help him release old trauma and emotions behind his severe allergies.  Since then he has blossomed.  He is more joyful, playful, and social.  He seems much more able to both give and receive love.  Essentially, he feels safer and more at ease in his body and the world.  We are so grateful to Linda for helping River let go of old pain so that he can step more fully into life.  Thank you! Michelle, Bruce, and River
   Linda, The loss of feeling on my left side has completely subsided. The pain was gone most of the healing period, came back a little but not to the point I had to use medication and has been gone the past few weeks. Even with all the moving stuff I'm doing I'm the back pain is mostly manageable. DB
   I experienced a shift in my total outlook on life a few weeks ago, in the days following my Emotion Code session with Linda Ingalls. I seem to have a much brighter outlook, have been way more productive, and am moving energy in various areas of my life that have been quite stagnant. During the session she explained that it would help to remove blocks I had to realizing my full potential/purpose. It definitely feels like something shifted for me. It's been about two weeks and it's still holding.  JE
   After we had our session I felt so much better, almost euphoric. It was like a big weight was lifted off me. I slept great for 2 nights, felt great yesterday too. Then last night I let my brother’s issues overwhelm me again.  When I got up last night because I couldn't sleep, I didn't reach for food to comfort myself, and that is huge! I feel that somehow the way I look/feel about food has changed. I actually feel myself getting full, and don't keep eating.  Yesterday we went to a picnic. Usually with so much great food I would want to try everything, and literally graze/eat all day and feel just awful later. I did not do that! I had what would be considered a normal lunch, not glutton lunch. Also usually I would try to drink as much free alcohol as I could. Partly because I don't know anyone, and I feel better with a drink in hand. I did not do that either. I had just a sip of beer the whole day, and didn't really even think much about having any alcohol at all. I had a great time, and really felt more of myself, without focusing on the food, and drink, without even realizing it! Linda that is a miracle for me! Does it last? Or do my bad habits take hold again?    ADDENDUM…. I am still doing well! I really truly do not have the urge to snack or eat uncontrollably. I don't really even think of it much. When I am bored, or upset I don't go immediately to the cupboard searching for something to stuff my face with. This is huge! Thank you!!  RR
   Hi Linda, I am doing very well. I have been feeling happier than I have in a long, long time. Thank you so much! LM
   I just wanted to share a testimonial about my dear friend and an incredibly gifted Emotion Code facilitator, Linda Ingalls! Linda is brilliant at helping you get to your core issues and talks with your Higher Self to get the answers that are spot on. Thank you Linda!! I love you dear one😘💗🤗👏👏👏💝 SS
    OMG, my lower back pain is 98% better, feels so good to wake in the morning without it.  I feel more love within and all around. I don't know if I am not as controlling naturally or I am just more aware of that and trying not to be. It feels good. Thank you so much it was well worth it. ❤️🌻🌸
   I have not taken my dog, Tucker, to his favorite off-leash dog park in 3 years because of unpredictable dog aggression. On Sunday, my dear friend, Linda Ingalls, who is a healer did what is known as Emotion Code healing. She also worked on me for lumbar pain I've had for a year and a half.  This morning at the dog park, Tucker’s behavior was perfect and absolutely appropriate with every dog he met.  As for me, my pain is down to 0-2/10, without the anti-inflammatory meds I have taken 2x a day.  Bonus-I have more energy than I've had in 5 years!! NL
    I experienced a shift in my total outlook on life a few weeks ago, in the days following my Emotion Code session with Linda Ingalls. I seem to have a much brighter outlook, have been way more productive, and am moving energy in various areas of my life that have been quite stagnant. During the session she explained that it would help to remove blocks I had to realizing my full potential/purpose. It definitely feels like something shifted for me. It's been about two weeks and it's still holding. JAE  Addendum: 2 months later and still holding!
   Linda, Here's an update and some of what I experienced after having the emotional code technique session with you. During the session I could feel an energy shift in my body which I told you felt like light headedness, but not faintness. After leaving the session I could feel a definite change overall and a calmness in my mind and body. I did feel tired the next couple of days after, but did not experience any vivid dreams or increased sensitivity emotionally. My anxiety was a 10/10 before the session as well as my depression. I would rate both of these much lower/gone now. Anxiety 1/10 and depression seems nonexistent right now. Two days after my session I was going to see some friends who live an hour away. There was a miscommunication on time and I ended up being there about an hour and a half earlier than my friend would be home from her hike. So I met some other friends at the local farmers market. When I met with them they were on their way out to go camping. Normally I would have left when they did because my anxiety usually holds me back from doing things alone. I felt perfectly fine staying by myself and actually walked around the farmers market alone and made some purchases. I still had not heard from my other friend who was hiking so I decided to walk around the downtown area and get some food. I sat alone on a patio and enjoyed the gorgeous day without feeling anxious about being alone at all. Eventually my friend arrived. This felt like a huge breakthrough for me because I hadn't really ever enjoyed being alone in a setting like that. As I move forward each day now, I feel this sense of calm with me. I am no longer experiencing that baseline level of anxiety that would spike situationally. My depression, which was driven by negative self talk, has been absent since the session. It's really amazing to feel so good and not feel like it's just me tricking myself into thinking that way. It feels like it's reality for the first time. Thank you so much Linda!  Dr. S