My specialty is to facilitate healing, and empower you with tools and techniques to uplift yourself to the life affirming vibration of Love so that you can have a more joyful, fulfilling, and healthy life and that you can expand your emotional playground rather than needing to control and limit it.
           Often, we will start with Emotion Code to clear out the emotional baggage that is causing your physical, emotional, or spiritual un-wellness. (see "About Trapped Emotions" page for more info).  Or, we may start out right away with learning how to have spirit to spirit conversations when actual physical conversations are too difficult or the person has transitioned.  We might take a journey to meet your Spirit Animal Teachers, Or we may jump right into learning techniques on how to safely have and clear those emotions you really don't like. 

           We will let Spirit guide us to align your Mind, Body, Heart, Emotion, Will, and Soul!  

            I am available in person, by phone, or, by Skype by appointment.  

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