EFFECTIVE LIVING WILLS - Nuts, Bolts, and Love

     Looking at the end enhances the now! 

     A little secret to having a better life is to look at the end of it; become aware of your regrets; discover what your true priorities are; and then embrace living more joyfully. Let's approach this topic from an empowering foundation of Love...for your life, your self, and your family.

  •  We will start with an exercise to find your priorities.

  • Then, using a personal approach, we'll get to know what is important to you, your bottom line. You have to know YOU first so that you can communicate and guide your loved ones. 

  • Next, we will go over the various forms of communication you need to be aware of. 

  • Last, we will discuss a variety of other topics that will be helpful for you to know.


                 So get aware, get informed, get empowered, take care of business,

put it away, and get on with living!

      Offered to Individuals, Couples, Families or Groups. (plan to meet for 1- 2 hours)

Investment $50 for Individual (go to Services page).
Contact me for pricing on Couples, etc. imlindai41@gmail.com


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