Everything is energy, right? Everything is in communication with everything, right? Do you know how to be aware of your own energy vibration? How to set it? What knocks you out of alignment? How to get back into alignment? Not knowing can lead to trauma, drama,disease, and un-happiness. Conversely...the more you know, the more LOVE can freely flow!

Let's break it down!

  Learn easy Tools to facilitate well being, happiness, and a more fulfilling life by recognizing the flow and communication of energy both internally and externally.  

Led by Linda Ingalls RN - Author, Intuitive Counselor & Teacher, Energy Healer
  • Learn and Experience Tools/ Exercises for immediate Awareness of yourself and energy including:  Grounding, Centering, Tuning In, Aligning, Matching Vibes, Triggers, Point of View, Clearing and Creating technique while walking the Labyrinth, and more! 

  • Interested in an individual retreat? Incorporate a Reiki Plus session!

  • Can't do a whole day? Do a 2 hr Energy Class instead!

  • For Beginners and Experienced alike.  This retreat meets you where you are.

  • Individual sessions, or, Intimate Small Group setting of up to 6 participants, designed to give you individual attention with the benefit of  Group Energy Process.

  Participants: 1 - 6       Location: Sedona, AZ        Investment:  $200 (go to services page)

Available as a one day Retreat, OR, a 2 hr Class            

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