So true! The emotions we love seem to come in, pass through and leave sooner than we want them to, while the ones we don’t like just seem to hang on. What’s up with that?

      It is all about the Energy! We need to look at the energy! First we need to be aware that everything is Energy. That is a scientific fact. Guess what? Emotions are just energy particles manifested in the vibrational frequency of Emotion.

      Imagine that these energy particles were once just floating around as neutral energy particles like tiny Legos in the Quantum Field. When we have a thought, we snag them into our personal bio- electromagnetic field and they become part of our personal collective of vibrations. I like to call this our “Bio-Field” and our “Bio-Vibe”. When we ponder the thought, we start defining these energy particles, giving them meaning and purpose thereby creating a full-on idea or concept. The more we ponder this idea, we start saying things like, “Oh that looks like a good idea.” and, “Hmm that feels good.” and, “I am gonna do...” So, now we have an idea, a vision of it, an emotion about it, and we physically manifest it into our reality by our choices and actions. Our imagination is a creative force. Form follows thought!

     This is great when the energy vibration has a nice flow to it, resonates with our healthy life force, supports our well-being, and feels good. If anywhere along this line of process, we become aware that, “Oh this is really not such a good idea after all”, or, “it just doesn’t look right anymore”, or, “this doesn’t feel good in the long run”, we can RESPOND by detaching, and choosing to return this group of defined energy particles back to the Quantum Field.

     But, if we start REACTING to it, by attaching a cascade of thoughts and emotional energy like fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame, helplessness, etc, what happens? We compound the meaning and purpose of the original energy and make it more than it was. We just gave it power! Power that we are afraid will overwhelm us, make us lose control and say or do something we will regret. Nobody wants that. So we pretend, deny, suppress, and even forget this whole mishmash is there. Now those energy particles are trapped; we are not listening to them; and they are not free to flow.

     Think of your Life Force as a clear flowing river. When you start throwing in boulders of “anger, fear, shame”, etc. and pebbles and sand of “I am not good enough, regret, my nose is too big”, etc, your nice flowing river is no more. Now you have eddies, stagnant pools, and “beaver dams” that warp and block the clear flowing of your Life Force energy streams. This leads to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma, drama and disease. These blocks to your healthy flow are those trapped energy particles. They are your Trapped Emotions (TE). They are your “buttons” that often get triggered.

     These trapped emotions can be acquired from our personal life experiences; from preconception- before you were a twinkle in your parent’s eye; prenatally- picking up emotions from mom while you were in her womb; absorbed from energy around us, inherited; or through psychic trauma which is when you have more than one emotion while having an unpleasant experience and those emotions combine to create a unique “group” energy vibration. TEs are like baggage you keep dragging around. Lodging in your energy field and distorting the healthy flowing of your energy streams, they become default building blocks of your life, permeating some or all parts of your life to one degree or another.

     BUT, please remember, these trapped emotions were once neutral energy particles floating freely in the Quantum Field. They are not the ogres we imagine them to be. They don’t want to be stuck in your energy field. They want to be freed from the non-life supporting meaning and purpose they have become and either be repurposed or returned to the Quantum Field. So, they will not allow us to forget them. They WILL have their say one way or another. Their vibrational frequencies are beacons and will act like the “Kick Me” signs kids tape to other kid’s backs. They broadcast their vibrational frequencies and call in resonating energies in the forms of disease, trauma, drama, people, situations, etc that will amp up the communication of the TE so that you have to pay attention. We can see them as our enemies or we can see them simply as energy particles that are trying to communicate to us so we will let them go back home to the Quantum Field.

How can we assist them?

     First and foremost is changing our perception of them. See them as I described above. See them for the energy “props” that they are. They have no meaning except the meaning we have given them. We can change their meanings.

     Second, we can ask ourselves where we are in our readiness to let go.

  1. Are we Emotional Hoarders? – are we defined by our emotions and there is no way we are gonna change? Think Archie Bunker from the All in the Family TV show.

  2. Are we Emotional Divers? – Do we dive into our emotions, swimming in them, biting into them, chewing them up, swallowing and regurgitating and swimming some more. This can take a lot of time to process emotion.

  3. Are we Emotional Sorters? -- This is like when we decide to clean out our closets or clean the garage. We have our “save” box and our “get rid of” box. Then we take each item we are considering getting rid of, examine and decide which box to put it in. Sometimes this can be quite the process too.

  4. Are we Emotional Hoovers? – This the person who says, “OK, I am done with this messed up closet (or garage). I am hiring someone to just clean it all out. I don’t care what goes, I just want it cleaned.” These are the people who say, “I want to be Happy, to feel good, and I am letting go of anything and everything that does not align, support, or resonate with this.” They are ready to hoover! Emotion Code is like the hoovering process.

What is the Emotion Code?

     The Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a very easy to use technique to identify the Trapped Emotions (TE) that are causing the distortions and imbalances of your energy field and resulting in un- wellness. This method uses muscle-testing to access your subconscious which remembers everything that you have ever experienced even when you don’t consciously remember. Once the TE is identified, it is released by using magnetic energy to erase it from your bio- field. By removing the cause of the distortions of your Life Force energy streams, your energy can return to its healthy flow patterns.  When your healthy flow patterns re-emerge, your energy field is enabled to return to a balanced, flowing state, allowing it to heal itself and begin to manifest wellness. Yaay! Don’t we all want that?


How can we help ourselves to manifest wellness?

     Remember the analogy of TEs being like “kick me signs”? The “kick me” sign is an energy beacon sending out a vibrational frequency call that basically says, “Please come hurt me in some way”. This call invites a variety of “willing guests” who would love to play in that “hurt me” energy with you and create issues in the realms of relationships, careers, situations, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, drama and disease.   These “guests” can come in any form, from toxins, parasites, disease, accidents, stress, hurtful relationships, careers, you name it.

     Now that you removed the TE “kick me” vibration from your bio-field, that call is disconnected and the invitation to hurt you is rescinded. Your whole bio-vibe is going to change and so is your “guest list”. The issues that came in response to your TE “kick me” call have no reason or purpose to be in your field anymore. What do you think happens then? Of course, some of those issues are going to leave right away because they cannot live in your new healthy energy vibration. Some are going to drift away for the same reason. But, some of these issues have become part of your body and some have already caused damage to your body. What happens to all of that collateral damage now that the TEs are gone?

     Do not forget that we are still talking about energy! The damaged parts of your physical body and anything that has become a part of it are still just energy! Where once those energy particles were used by TEs to get your attention, they are now free of that purpose and open to receiving a new vibration and purpose. This is an opportunity to give them to the higher, healthier vibration of Love to be REDEFINED, REFRAMED, REPURPOSED and SHIFTED from TE communication to the manifestation of your well-being and Highest Good.

     Now your Life Force energy streams are flowing unimpeded in their healthy patterns again and they can provide the nourishment and nurturing your cells need. Now the vibrations of the toxins and damaged parts, etc have been reframed and given to the higher, healthier vibrations of Love. So, now add to that mix the vibrations of Positive Thinking which no longer have to compete with the vibrations of the TE “kick me” signs and you create a bio-field and bio-vibe that has the potential for powerful healing and manifesting wellness. So awesome! A very powerful perception and positive thought is, “Everything is energy and the source of all energy is Love”. Knowing this will change your world.


     Does this mean you will never experience the vibrations of unpleasant emotions and thoughts again? Nope. Do we need to be afraid of that? Nope. Do we need to limit our thoughts and emotions? Nope. That would not be a fun way to live. What can we do?

     We can change our perceptions. We can learn mindful awareness of our thoughts and feelings. We can learn awareness of our energy and master easy tools to have the energy flow, energy communication, and “bio-vibe” we enjoy living in. We can learn a better way to perceive Triggers so that they become Life affirming. We can learn easy processing techniques that allow us to have our emotions and thoughts so that they don’t become trapped. This allows us to expand our emotional and creative playground so that we enjoy Life more. Sounds good to me.

     There are so many paths and tools you can utilize to live a happy, fulfilling life. There are ways for YOU! There are teachers, healers, practices, methods, techniques for YOU; ones that resonate with your heart. Those are the ones you want. Cuz, believe me, if it does not resonate so that you can embrace it as your own, it will not last.

     If you want help releasing your Trapped Emotions; learning awareness and tools about energy flow and communication; tools to set your bio-vibe, running energy, re-framing triggers, how to have and process emotions so that you do not trap them, how to converse spirit to spirit with those still alive and those who have transitioned, I offer these services and more to empower you and facilitate your Well-being and Joy. If what I offer resonates with your heart then please contact me.

Love, Linda