Yeah, that's a very old picture, but, I had so much fun learning to surf in Costa Rica. Truthfully that pic represents my peak in surfing. :) The surfing was cool, but, the spiritual experience with the bugs was awesome! I wrote about it in my I May Be Crazy, But It's All Good book.   

     Hi! my name is Linda. Thanks for getting to know me.

     I am a retired RN CCRN. I have been an RN since 1975 and most of it in ICU. I have received “The Nurse of the Year Award” at two different hospitals as well as a “Heroes and Friends” nursing award at another hospital. For the first 6 years of nursing I worked in mental health and substance abuse.

     Early in my career I began learning about Energy and seeing healthcare from this point of view. I became able to speak with my patient’s spirits and became known for this. I was asked by doctors and nurses to work with certain patients and families. I have written two books. I am an Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, Level 4 Healing Touch Practioner, a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

     I also teach classes about Energy and tools for energy self-care; I do one on one Intuitive Counseling; I teach people tools on how to safely have and process the emotions they are afraid to acknowledge having; and how to communicate spirit to spirit. This comes in handy when you either are not comfortable verbally speaking with someone or they are no longer available to verbally speak with. All of my work is intended to bring the energy to the vibration of Love.

     I am happy to help you!

     Love, Linda