Hi There!

     I have been an RN since 1975 and began Critical Care in 1981. In addition to providing care as an ICU nurse for over 30 years, I also have experience in mental health nursing, teaching, life/spiritual/emotional release counseling, Reiki, Healing Touch, intuitively guided spiritual journeys, and I am a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I like to facilitate healing and empower people by teaching them tools. I am also an Author of 2 books and have had published  a feature article in a health care journal.

     I am currently offering the following:

       1. RETREAT - ENERGY - SELF CARE : Every thing is energy, right? Learn how to utilize it for your Well-being and Happiness. Offered to individuals and to groups of up to 6 participants. (Please see Retreat Page.)

        2. EFFECTIVE LIVING WILLS - Nuts, Bolts, and Love.  This class is  based upon Love not fear. Get aware, get informed, get empowered, take care of business, put it away, and get on with living!   

(Please see Living Wills page.)

         3. Reiki / Reiki Plus: 1 hour session of Reiki alone or  2 hours with Intuitively guided Counseling to help you step into the truth of your Being so you can walk in Love and Happiness.(Please see Service page)   

         4. Intuitive Counseling - up to 1 hour sessions. (Please see Intuitive Counseling page)

         5. Books:

               I May Be Crazy, But it's all Good

               Where do YOU draw the line? An Insider's Guide to Effective Living Wills, Healing and Critical Care (Please see Book page