Hi There!

     I am an RN, retired Certified Critical Care Nurse, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Author, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Reiki Master, Level 4 Healing Touch, and Graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. (please see more on the About Me page)

     If you want help releasing your Trapped Emotions, learning awareness and easy tools about energy flow and communication, how to set your bio-vibe, running energy, how to have and process emotions so they do not get trapped in your bio-field, I offer these services and more to help you! 

I am currently offering the following:  (packages available. please see services page)

       1. RELEASE TRAPPED EMOTIONS using EMOTION CODE (Please see About Trapped Emotions Page)

        2. INTUITIVE COUNSELING -   (Please see Intuitive Counseling page)

       3. REIKI / REIKI PLUS: 1 hour session of Reiki alone or  2 hours with Intuitive Counseling  (Please see Service page

       4. 2- HOUR ENERGY SELF CARE CLASS: Learn awareness and easy tools about your personal energy and energy communication, and more. (Please see Retreat Page.)

       5. ONE DAY RETREAT - ENERGY SELF CARE : Every thing is energy, right? Learn how to utilize it for your Well-being and Happiness. Offered to individuals and to groups of up to 6 participants. (Please see Retreat Page.)

        6. EFFECTIVE LIVING WILLS - Nuts, Bolts, and Love.  This class is  based upon Love not fear. Get aware, get informed, get empowered, take care of business, put it away, and get on with living!   

(Please see Living Wills page.)     


         7. Books:

               I May Be Crazy, But it's all Good

               Where do YOU draw the line? An Insider's Guide to Effective Living Wills, Healing and Critical Care (Please see Book page